Newline’s management team and engineers have enjoyed long-term relationships with telecommunications operators – helping our clients renew, refurbish and maintain their infrastructure networks.

We don’t take these relationships for granted. Serving our customers is central to our values. How we do this:

  • With agility and responsiveness: we understand that all telecoms work is “mission critical”
  • Through our commitment to innovation, combining expertise in emerging technology with a deep understanding of legacy systems
  • With a determination to provide all services and engineered solutions on a ‘right first time’ basis
  • Professionally, reliably and consistently: our engineers are used to delivering in some of Europe’s most demanding environments

Newline is part of The Templand Group of innovative, agile and responsive businesses providing a wide range of services within communications infrastructure, supporting international customers in telecoms and related markets. Our vision is to become the standard against which other similar companies are measured. Our values mean we consistently achieve the highest standards of services and delivery for specialist infrastructure and telecoms markets.